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Why You Should Plan a Destination Wedding in Saratoga

It shouldn’t take much convincing to plan a wedding in Saratoga. From the rich history to the beautiful scenery, it makes for the perfect place for a wedding and a honeymoon¬†throughout the year! Whether you’re planning a small, intimate celebration or looking for a charming place to elope, check out Saratoga during every season: ¬†

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Honeymoon Travel Tip… Just in case!

How much confidence do you have in your honeymoon airline of choice? A friend of mine recently returned from her honeymoon and recounted the story of her trip; including lost luggage on both the flight to the destination AND the flight home! Luckily someone had recommended to her that she bring a change of clothes

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The Honeymoon Registry & Other Alternative Wedding Registries

Lots of couples embark on their marriage without having lived together first, or perhaps after living in a small apartment together. In many cases, the couple may need need what we’ve come to think of as a typical wedding registry, focused on housewares… appliances, china, linens, etc. But what if you and your significant other

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