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You’re Married. Now What?

The vows have been said, the rings are on your finger, and all of your loved ones have proclaimed your wedding to be the best of all time. What happens now? We’re going to take a look at thank you notes, what to do with your gown, how to save your bouquet, and freezing the

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7 Things You’ll Definitely Want on Your Gift Registry

Just as weddings are becoming more personalized to each couple, gift registries are, too. When it comes down to it, you’re really free to register for whatever you want. However, some couples might need a little guidance to figure out exactly what they may want or need. Your guests also will likely want some direction

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The Wedding Party: How to Choose Your Team & Who Does What

Your wedding party isn’t just a collection of your favorite friends and family who you’d like to celebrate your big day with. They’re your team. They’re your helpers. They are the people you are going to come to rely on time and again. Or, maybe you’d be just as happy with your team wearing what you

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What I Learned About Planning a Wedding

With a two year engagement I had plenty of time to plan for every small detail of my wedding, and plan I did. Still, a wedding that runs with absolutely no hiccups or surprises is fairly rare, and mine was no exception. Here’s what I learned from planning a wedding, and how you can learn

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5 Quirky Wedding Venues In & Near Saratoga Springs

Gone are the days when weddings were a one-size-fits-all affair, with the ceremony taking place in a church and the reception at a hotel or restaurant afterward. Today, it’s much more commonplace for weddings to be really personalized and tailored to the bride and groom, reflecting the uniqueness of the couple. If you’re planning for your

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The Ins & Outs of the Wedding Budget and How to Cut Costs

Has the idea of coming up with a wedding budget gotten you completely overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Many couples struggle with getting started with the wedding plans because it can be so intimidating and confusing to break out the hard numbers for every vendor, every favor, every minute detail. We’re making it easy for you

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bride with pink bouquet

Popular Wedding Flowers & When They’re in Season

Planning your wedding is hard enough without having to worry about what flowers will be available on your special day. To make floral selection easier, we put together a guide detailing when the most popular flowers are in season. Choosing in-season flowers can keep you from breaking the bank, and can enable you to create the bouquets, boutonnieres,

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Simple Hair & Makeup Wedding Tips for Your Big Day

You’ve got the wedding dress of your dreams! Now you need the right hair and makeup to pull the whole beautiful bride look together. You’ll need to consider if you want your hair up, down, or partway up – we’ve got suggestions for each style, and some overall makeup tips as well. Choose a Hairstyle

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8 Steps to a Successful Low-Budget DIY Wedding

It’s almost every bride’s dilemma: You need to keep costs for the wedding down, but you also want your guests to have a fabulous time. Achieve the low cost wedding of your dreams by following a few simple steps to rein your budget in – and have some fun with do-it-yourself craft projects while you’re

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