Tips for Choosing Bridal Party Gifts: How Much to Spend?

One of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning is undoubtedly the budget. There are places where you’ll need to trim back and cut corners, and other aspects of the budget where you will absolutely not want to skimp – bridal party gifts fall under the latter.

But how much exactly should you spend? We’ve compiled some tips to make this part of wedding planning just a little bit easier!

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Take a Look at the Budget

Obviously, if you are working with a large budget and can afford to be generous, do so! But if you’re like most brides, you are probably trying to avoid going into debt because of your big day.

Here’s something to keep in mind: Your bridesmaids probably have an idea of what your budget is. If they know you splurged on a $2,000 dress and a $700 cake, imagine the hurt they’ll feel if you then turn around and give them a $12 bottle of wine as a gift.

But, even if you are planning a wedding with a limited budget, bridal gifts are not an area you’ll want to economize on. As wedding planner and author Mindy Weiss says in The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day, “In all honesty, I would be happy to see you skip the champagne toast if that’s what it takes to treat your attendants right.”

Budgeting is all about the numbers. If you have to increase the number in one category, decrease it in another. There many ways to cut costs instead of giving cheap gifts, including purchasing flowers that are in season and trimming down your guest list.

How Many Ladies Are We Talking About?

The fewer bridesmaids you have, the more you should probably spend on each one. If you have six bridesmaids, they would probably understand if you didn’t buy them each a $200 gift.

It’s usually recommended to go a little above and beyond for the maid of honor, who has presumably put in more work than the other women. If you’re getting the girls bracelets, for instance, maybe go for a bracelet and a necklace as well for the MOH.

If you have a flower girl, you might also opt to get her a little something different as well. If she’s very young, you might consult her parents for suggestions to make sure the gift is age appropriate.

One other aspect to take into consideration is how much your bridesmaids are spending on the wedding. If someone has traveled far to be a part of the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and the wedding itself, that should be factored into the decision on how much to spend on their gift. Remember, bridesmaids typically pay for their own dresses and shoes as well.

Actual Numbers & Gifts

Taking all of the above into consideration, most sources agree that the actual dollar range for bridal gifts should be between $75 and $150 per bridesmaid.

So, what to get them? Many brides opt to pay for the bridesmaids’ hair and/or makeup for the wedding, which is a huge help when they’re already spending a lot of money themselves to be a part of the wedding. But, even if you do this, you really should get them something tangible as well.

Many brides choose to give their girls jewelry or something they can wear to the wedding, such as a clutch or a wrap. If you go this direction you might consider making each gift a little bit different, like perhaps a piece of a jewelry that has their individual birthstones in it.

Two thoughts with giving jewelry as a gift: If you want them to wear it at the wedding give them a heads up on this, so they don’t spend money or plan to wear other jewelry on their own. And, make sure to give them jewelry they’ll be able to wear after the wedding as well.

Monogrammed gifts are also popular, such as a tote bag or a robe with their names on it. If you go this route, make sure you give yourself enough time before the wedding to order these personalized items.

Final Thoughts

Remember, your bridesmaids are putting a lot of time, effort, and money into being a part of your special day. Make sure you show them how much you appreciate their friendship and generosity with gifts they’ll cherish.

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