7 Fun Ideas for Alcohol-Free Bachelorette Celebrations in Saratoga

So, you’re about to tie the knot with your beloved and head off into a life of eternal bliss, until death do you part. A vow between two people is such a big milestone that preparing for this one-on-one marriage thing requires a pre-nuptial swig of girl power and sisterhood.

bridesmaids and bride

But this blowout with your besties does not necessarily require everyone to swig champagne or martinis. More and more bachelorettes are looking for ways to celebrate without alcohol being the main attraction, or in many cases, without any alcohol at all.

If that’s your goal, then you’re in for a treat. Plenty of events and activities in Saratoga will make this time together really special. And unlike some of the more boozy bachelorette fetes, the memories you make during your alcohol-free weekend are ones you’ll probably all remember!

1) Rent a Limo

Just because everyone in your group is a bonafide designated driver doesn’t mean a limo isn’t the way to get around. Sure, it’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s both relaxing and exciting to have this kind of service. Everyone can pile into the back of a limo, chat and laugh, since no one is stressed or distracted because they’re at the wheel. Backseat bonding is the right lane, especially with a limo company that specializes in bachelorette parties! Now where to go? Hold tight. We’ve got some ideas.

2) Pictures at the Carousel

The city of Saratoga charges $50 for 15 minutes at the carousel in Congress Park. So the idea here is you and your friends spend some time together getting dressed up, having your hair blown out or nails done at any one of Saratoga’s great salons. When everyone’s got their look on, whistle for your limo and head to Congress Park.


The 1910-era carousel features gorgeous hand-carved horses from a master craftsman. And set inside Congress Park, this is the perfect place to  break out your smartphones and just do selfies for your Instagram and Facebook pages. Or, since you have the carousel all to yourselves for a spell, splurge for a professional photographer to meet you there and do the shoot. You’re going to like the way you look!

3) Spa Day in the Spa City

This is Saratoga Springs, otherwise known as Spa City. People come here just for spa treatments. There are a slew of private spa companies that provide all manner of services, from organic treatments to float centers and foot care. The famous Saratoga Spa State Park is so beloved in part because the natural springs that were long ago preserved by Franklin Roosevelt, leading to the creation of the Roosevelt Baths in 1935.


The baths are run via the gracious Gideon Putnam. More than 40 different treatments can be requested, so plan ahead and book ahead for an invigorating day at the Roosevelt Baths. Spa guests and those staying at The Gideon Putnam enjoy complimentary use of the spa’s relaxation room, steam room, and locker room facilities.

4) Outdoor Fun: Gondola Ride or Snow Sports

If you booked that limo then this is a great day adventure. Gore Mountain is just about 45 minutes north of Saratoga. In the summer and fall, Gore Mountain offers gondola rides. The ride itself is fun, offering view of the High Peaks of the southern Adirondacks and all around the Lake George region. There are also hiking and biking trails accessible from the lift service. Walks, too, can be led by a guide through the Alpine Sky Loop.


In the winter, plan on a ski rental package and lift tickets for everyone. For beginners, Gore probably had you in mind: The mountain staff offers women-only instruction weekends at least twice every winter.

5) Horseback Riding

Saratoga is horse country and for many girls growing up, riding a horse — or owning one — was a dream. Why not harken back to the good ol’ days and gather your gal-pals together for a horseback riding session? Saratoga has a couple of renowned instructors with stellar reputations for providing good instruction and fun rides. Whitney Mulqueen is one such instructor who works out of Glenham Farm in the heart of Saratoga. Olde Saratoga Farm in Schuylerville is another reputable outfit with a great track record. You might also consider a rodeo. The Double M Rodeo in Ballston Spa runs a rodeo every summer Friday.

6) Guided Food Tour & High Tea

Saratoga is a great town for foodies, coffee and tea drinkers. Plan an afternoon exploring the shops along Broadway, where tea shops, olive oil purveyors and specialty items at Putnam Market will provide a fun way to ooh and ahh over fancy foods with your bridesmaids and friends.


The Saratoga Food Tour is one way slow walk through the Saratoga food scene. And if you’re not too full from all the sampling, make a reservation at Mrs. London’s on Broadway for high tea. This favorite pastry shop is a dieter’s nightmare, but worth every calorie.

7) Comedy Club or Concert

Nothing is better for building and sustaining friendships than music and laughter. Saratoga has all that in spades. Your evenings will never be dull in this city, which has the Comedy Works Comedy Club right on Broadway, as well as a slew of big-name concerts at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, as well as some sensational smaller venues like Caffe Lena. If you plan right, you may wind up singing and laughing your way through your Saratoga bachelorette bonanza.

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