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Weddings on a Budget

Here’s a great article for couples on a tight budget! How I Did It: Held a 100-Person Wedding for Under $4,000

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Take Good Care of Yourself Before the Wedding

With good time management, you will be able to fit in all the necessary steps to get yourself feeling relaxed and beautiful before your wedding day. Don’t forget to work in these tasks to keep the stress level low: The month before the wedding, get a hair cut and make an appointment to practice your

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Let’s Elope!

If you and your betrothed are feeling like elopement might be the way to go, is a website with some information about eloping and how to do it right!

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Enjoy Your Engagement

I see so many brides who get engaged and then jump right into planning the wedding. Relax! Enjoy the moment! You have plenty of time before you need to start planning anything so allow yourself a few weeks if not longer to just bask in the happiness and joy that you are feeling. How long

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Use Your Imagination on Pinterest

A few months ago one of the couples I met with for the first time brought their laptop to “show” me their wedding plans. And show me they did! Using a rad website called Pinterest as a sort of digital bulletin board, the couple selected dozens of pictures that they found inspirational from the Internet

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Giving Thanks at Your Wedding

A wedding is not only a time to celebrate the relationship between you and your partner, it is a time to celebrate your family and friends. So be sure to express your gratitude for their support and love by adding a few small touches to your celebration: Include a note of thanks in your ceremony

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Weeknight Weddings

If you are looking for a way to trim some of the cost of a having a wedding, consider choosing a weeknight rather than a Friday or Saturday. You will definitely save money with vendors, such as caterers and photographers, who are typically booked solid on weekends and are therefore able to charge a great

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Getting Organized with GetMarried

I recently discovered and had to share this with you… the website has a TON of great information and if you can get past all the advertisements, there are plenty of tools to help you plan your wedding from start to finish!

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Here are some great DIY ideas for save-the-dates, invitations, thank you notes and favors in a series of helpful videos: Search for “wedding” on MonkeySee and find lots of other useful instructions, too!

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Christmas Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

Do you have a friend who is getting married in the coming spring or summer? Chances are she is too busy trying to get through the holidays to think about getting organized for her wedding, but trust me- the ideas are simmering somewhere in the back of her brain. You could buy her a DVD

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