A Practical Bride’s Guide to Dazzling Makeup

How much do you know about makeup? Whether the makeup consultants at your local department store know you by name, or you purchase the bare minimum needed at the grocery store, every bride can use some sensible advice on wedding makeup.

Regardless of your skin tone, there are some comprehensive tips you’ll want to skim over in preparation for your wedding. If you’ve already got the basics, or you’re ready to have some fun, keep scrolling for different makeup looks to try before your big day!


8 Universal Wedding Makeup Tips

1) Don’t go overboard – you don’t want to be completely bare-faced, but you don’t want the makeup to be loaded on either.

2) Find the best version of yourself – don’t try to completely transform. You want your groom to recognize you as you come down the aisle!

3) Do a trial run at least a month in advance to make sure your skin won’t react badly to any of the products.

4) Don’t go for a trendy look – you want a timeless style that will look great in photos for years to come.

5) Use waterproof mascara, for obvious reasons!

6) Don’t skip the foundation – the right type will depend on your skin tone, so do a little experimenting.

7) A little blush on the apples of your cheeks can go a long way.

8) Carry a few touch-up products with you in a makeup bag or purse the day of the wedding – or have your maid of honor, mom, or wedding planner hold onto them for you!

It virtually doesn’t matter which type of look you’re going for with your makeup – the above tips will help you look fresh-faced and flawless!

3 Makeup Looks to Consider

1) A Natural Look

A soft, natural look is perfect for an outdoor or daytime wedding. Go for light or neutral colored shades for eyeshadow – vanilla, buttercream, eggshell – and pair it with a darker shade of eyeliner.

Black eyeliner might look too severe with a white dress, so you could try brown or navy. Either a strong or subtle lip color will go with this look, but don’t go too pale with the lipstick shade – it can make you look washed out in photos.

2) A Shimmery Glow

A subtle but shimmering eyeshadow is great for an evening wedding. You’ll want to go for a bronze tone here, with shades like copper, gold, or even pink or silver. But be careful not to overdo it – a little can go a long way.

A brown gel eyeliner will pair well with the glimmering eyeshadow, along with a matte lipstick for a nice velvety look.

3) A Dramatic Feel

Go for a bold, but not over-the-top makeup style by drawing inspiration from Audrey Hepburn. Try a gentle pink shadow for a daytime look, or a dark brown for evening, and pair with a brown or charcoal gel eyeliner.

Use a small brush to press a line of eyeliner close the lashline, and smudge the eyeliner a tiny bit under the bottom lashes.

A classic red lipstick will go perfectly, but not too dark – dark lips dominate photos. For an extra boost of dramatic, shade your brows in with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair color.

For brides who are craving a makeup look with a bit more of a punch to it, you can play around with darker eyeshadow, but tread carefully. Overly bold makeup doesn’t fit every wedding style or every bride. Smoky eyes look beautiful, but can appear overdone for a beach or garden wedding, and may not look as great in the photos as they do in person.

Bonus: 5 Skin Care Tips

1) Drink lots of water leading up to the big day – six to eight glasses each day.

2) Use sun protection every day leading up to the wedding, even if the sun isn’t shining.

3) Don’t sleep with your makeup on, it can cause breakouts.

4) Don’t squeeze a blackhead or a pimple.

5) Avoid salty foods and keep alcohol intake to a minimum the night before the wedding.

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