Dreams Really Do Come True: An “Impossible” Baby & Happily Ever After

Newly engaged parents-to-be Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen could not be more excited to announce their pregnancy to friends, family, and the whole world.

Krieg, a former professional motocross competitor, had an accident in 2014 that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He met Diesen in 2015 when he started therapy at Project Walk, the California rehab facility where Diesen was an Occupational Therapist. When Krieg finished therapy in 2016, the couple¬†decided to move back to Krieg’s hometown, Elyria, Ohio.

The couple were told that it was extremely unlikely they’d be able to conceive naturally, but early in February the couple staged a baby announcement to tell friends and family that “It still works!” and the couple was 14 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. During the baby announcement, Krieg decided to pop the question and Diesen said yes!

Now the couple are entered in a contest to win a wedding from Brides because they want to spend their money on the baby. You can learn more about the couple and the contest here.



News10: “You’ve never seen a dad-to-be more excited over a birth announcement”

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