Plan a Saratoga Themed Wedding

How To Plan A Saratoga Wedding Even If You Don’t Get Married In Saratoga Springs NY!

No matter where you tie the knot, you can have a Saratoga-themed wedding reminiscent of the one-of-a-kind Saratoga Springs, NY when you use these creative and fun ideas to plan your big day!

exterior of carousel in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs

It’s easy to show your passion for Saratoga on your wedding day. Sam the Bugler may not be available to play the Wedding March, but you can certainly incorporate some of these details into your Saratoga-themed wedding planning…

Engagement Photos – Have your photographer snap some shots of the two of you on a carousel to announce your engagement. It makes for a cute photo setting and sets the mood for your Saratoga theme wedding.

Color Scheme – Red and white are the colors that brand Saratoga, and would make for a stunning color palate for a Saratoga theme wedding.

Invitations – Bright white wedding invitations with black lettering wrapped up in a striking red envelope would surely set the tone. Or you could go with a whimsical Victorian feel. Work with your stationary provider to create personal, unique invitations to achieve the look you’re going for. Each piece of your stationery, from Save The Dates to Thank Yous, can include a little bit of Saratoga in them.

Bridesmaids – The gals can go with sleek and modern dresses or elegant Victorian gowns, whichever suits your taste. But do have the ladies wear fancy hats – it’s a Saratoga tradition! Instead of flowers, consider having your bridesmaids carry lace parasols and fans.

Groomsmen – Have the groomsmen dress in red jackets, white pants, black boots and top hats, resembling buglers or go traditional with black tuxes and red boutonnieres.

Ring Bearer – Dress the little ringbearer(s) up in jockey silks and cap. He can come down the aisle riding a toy hobby horse, which the rings would be tied to.

Flower Girl – Have your little Victorian beauty carry an old Victorian style basket filled with red and white petals. Tiny lace gloves and a fancy little hat or bonnet would be a perfect touch!

Bride and Groom – Wear what you want! It’s your wedding, and you can go with Victorian apparel or modern styles. Don’t feel bound to stick with your theme on this one. Just choose the look you think makes you look the best, and enjoy the day!

Transportation – Race away on a real horse! Dress it up like a racehorse, sporting the number of your wedding date. For an added touch, drape your getaway horse with a blanket of roses.

Reception Tables – Get creative with themed table names like Thoroughbred, Carousel, Mineral Springs, Travers, Exacta, Saratoga, etc. Highlight each table with a beautiful Winners Circle centerpiece.

Wedding Cake – Have your cake decorated to look like a gurgling mineral fountain. Top it off with a small rendition of Spit and Spat from Congress Park.

Favors – Everyone loves Saratoga giveaways! Bobbleheads would make a unique and memorable favor idea for your Saratoga wedding. You can even get custom made bobblehead dolls, crafted especially for your wedding day. Other Saratoga souvenir ideas include Victorian fans, carousel snow globes, Saratoga bottled water, themed magnets, etc.

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