10 Saratoga Attractions Your Destination Wedding Guests Will Enjoy

When you plan a destination wedding in Saratoga Springs NY your guests will enjoy a variety of great activities, popular attractions and more. Discover the many different things to do in ensuring your guests won’t experience a minute of boredom when they come into town for your wedding!

gates at saratoga race course

Saratoga Race Track – Plan your wedding during the summer racing season to provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience attending the horse races at Saratoga Springs’ thoroughbred race track. The summer meet lasts from mid to late July through Labor Day each year.

Downtown Shopping – There are dozens of unique shops in Downtown Saratoga Springs NY, from upscale clothing and fine furnishings to tourist apparel and souvenir shops. In warm weather, your guests can enjoy dining outdoors on a downtown restaurant patio.

SPAC – Your guests can enjoy a world-class concert or show at The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) when they come into town for your wedding. SPAC is an outdoor amphitheatre in Saratoga, which hosts a variety of musical performances, festivals and other special events.

Mineral Springs – Taste the famous mineral water in Saratoga! Ask any local, and you will soon discover that Saratoga’s bubbling springs spout more than just cold spring water… healing properties also abound. Your guests can even go on their own tasting tour!

Spas – With so much healthful water available, of course there are health spas and mineral baths available for your guests to pamper themselves. Whether it’s a full-service spa treatment or a carbon mineral bath they’d like to experience, Saratoga has it all!

Congress Park – Your guests might enjoy exploring the fabulous gardens and awe-inspiring fountains in Congress Park, located in Downtown Saratoga Springs. If you will have children coming into town, the Historic Congress Park Carousel is always a delight!

Saratoga Spa State Park – Another beautiful park in Saratoga Springs offers much more than green grass and bike trails. At the Saratoga Spa State Park, you’ll find public pools, golfing, lodging, restaurants, mineral baths and much more.

Saratoga National Historic Park – Have any history buffs attending the wedding? Visitors to Saratoga find it fascinating to explore the historic grounds where the crucial Battle of Saratoga was fought. At the Saratoga National Historic Park, history comes alive and is presented in a fun way for all ages.

RACINO – For the fun-loving guests attending your destination wedding in Saratoga Springs, the Saratoga Gaming and Raceway offers live harness racing year round, in addition to a gambling casino and night club. This is a sure bet for a fun night out on the town!

Saratoga Lake – Your guests can enjoy the many varied activities available on Saratoga Lake, including boating, waterskiing, fishing and more. Surrounding the lake are a variety of popular restaurants that are also well worth trying.

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