Saratoga brides can save money by choosing wedding flowers that are in season. Depending on the time of year your wedding is, there are an array of popular flower options to choose from for each season.

You may also want to find a Saratoga wedding florist to discuss popular arrangements and attractive combinations for wedding flowers in season.

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Spring Wedding Flowers In Season

Springtime blooms make lovely bouquets and arrangements for your wedding day. Take a look at some of the most popular choices for wedding flowers in season for spring wedding celebrations in Saratoga.

  • Anemone – White, Blue, Red, Pink
  • Bells of Ireland – Green
  • Boronia – Pink
  • CasaBlanca Lily – White
  • Daffodil – Yellow
  • Delphinium – White, Blue
  • Hyacinth – Purple, Pink, White, Other Colors
  • Lilacs – Purple, White
  • Narcissus – White
  • Peony – Pink, White (Late Spring)
  • Ranunculus – White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow
  • StarGazer Lily – Fuscia and White
  • Sweetpea – Pink, Purple, White, Coral, Other Colors
  • Tulip – White, Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple, Other Colors

Summer Wedding Flowers

Planning a summer wedding? Flowers in season offer a wide range of color options. Discover the many different choices for summertime seasonal flowers below to determine the ones that might work for your big day.

  • Alstromeria – White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Other Colors
  • Bells of Ireland – Green
  • Chrysanthemum – White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Other Colors
  • English Lavender – Purple
  • Forget-me-not – Blue
  • Freesia – White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple
  • Gerbera Daisy – Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
  • Hydrangea – White, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Iris – Purple, Blue, White
  • Larkspur – White, Purple, Blue, Pink
  • Liatris – Purple
  • Lily (Asiatic) – White, Pink, Yellow, Orange
  • Lily (Oriental) – White, Pink
  • Lisianthus – Purple, White, Pink
  • Matsumoto Asters – Pink, Purple
  • Monte Casino Asters – White, Purple
  • Queen Anne’s Lace – White
  • Snapdragons – Pink, Yellow, Orange, White, Other Colors
  • Solidaster – Yellow
  • Statice – Purple
  • Stephanotis – White
  • Stock – White, Other Colors
  • Sunflower – Yellow
  • Tuberose – White
  • Yarrow – White, Pink, Yellow
  • Zinnia – Red, Orange, Pink

Fall Wedding Flowers

While autumn weddings offer many breathtaking options for blooms, many fall brides may also opt for colorful leaf arrangements, pinecones, pumpkins and other seasonal items to incorporate into their decor. Keep this in mind as you browse the popular fall wedding flowers below.

  • Aster – White, Pink
  • Chrysanthemum – White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Other Colors
  • Dahlia – White, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Other Colors
  • Marigold – Yellow, Orange, Red
  • Statice – Purple
  • Zinnia – Red, Orange, Pink

Winter Wedding Flowers In Season

Having a winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great flowers! There are still a number of beautiful and popular wedding flowers in season for your winter wedding in Saratoga.

  • Amaryllis – Red, White
  • Anemone – Blue, Red, Pink, White
  • Bells of Ireland – Green
  • Camellias – White, Pink
  • Casa Blanca Lily – White
  • Cosmos – Pink, White, Brown, Other Colors
  • Daffodil – Yellow
  • Forget-me-nots – Blue
  • Holly – Green with Red Berries
  • Jasmine – White
  • Narcissus – White, Yellow
  • Poinsettia – Red, White
  • Ranunculus – White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow
  • Star Gazer Lily – Pink and White
  • Star of Bethlehem – White
  • Sweetpea – White, Pink, Red/Coral, Lavender/Purple
  • Tulip – White, Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple, Other Colors
  • Waxflower – Pink, White

Flowers Available Year Round (Always In Season)

There are a few of the most popular wedding flowers that are considered always in season because you can find them easily year round. Take a look at some of these options in addition to considering seasonal flowers for your wedding day.

  • Baby’s Breath – White
  • Bachelor’s Button – White, Pink, Red, Blue
  • Calla Lily / Mini Calla Lily – White, Other Colors
  • Carnations – White, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Other Colors
  • Delphinium – Blue, White, Purple
  • Eucalyptus – Blue, Silver
  • Gardenia – White
  • Gladiolus – White, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Other Colors
  • Heather – Pink
  • Lily of the Valley – White, Pink
  • Orchid – Pink, White, Purple, Other Colors
  • Protea – Pink
  • Rose – White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Other Colors (Remember: Roses spike in price near Valentine’s Day and other gift-giving holidays)
  • Scabiosa – Purple, White

Need more help deciding which blooms would be most beautiful for your wedding day? For individual recommendations and expert advice, contact a Saratoga florist or local wedding planner in the area.

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