Hire a Live Band

Yes, DJ’s are a lot of fun and they have mastered the art of balancing songs like the Chicken Dance and the Macarena with the modern hits, but let us not forget the draw of a live band. I’m not even talking about a wedding band or a cover band, I’m talking about an up and coming rock band that tours the local concert venue scene and perhaps the outlying area. Talented musicians deliver a degree of uniqueness that you can’t necessarily find with a DJ.

man playing guitar

Here’s a great band that played a wedding I did last year that rocked our socks off: Charlie Apicella & Iron City. They happen to be a jazz/funk band, which is also dynamic and dance friendly.

Maybe a DJ is exactly what you always envisioned, but if you are looking for a new ice cream flavor, why not check out Metroland and give something different a whirl? Just don’t forget to go see them play live somewhere before you make a decision, and definitely go over the ground rules of your wedding expectations and maybe a song or two that you want them to learn just for you. Most musicians will jump at the chance to cover a song that they can add to their repetoire.


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