When it’s time to pop the question, the choice of an engagement ring can begin to weigh heavy on your mind. You may have already started scrimping and saving, reading all about the 4Cs and beginning to have some anxiety about how to choose the right diamond.

Diamond rings are beautiful and certainly might be expected since they are the traditional engagement ring. But some women are not as enthusiastic about diamonds as you might think.

man proposing with red ring box

There are a lot of humanitarian concerns associated with diamond rings and depending on your (soon to be) fiance, you might want to consider diamond alternatives.

Engagement rings made from gem stones such as sapphire, garnet or jade can be truly breathtaking and might be a better option for you. There are even eco-friendly diamond hybrids out there. It’s important to know that most jewelers are willing to work with you if you have something specific in mind. I would suggest looking for an image on the Internet first and bringing it with you if you have a setting or stone combination in mind.

Now some ladies might be adamant about having a traditional ring, while others might really appreciate the effort it took for your to have a ring custom made for them.

If you are going to propose, then you obviously love this woman and know her extremely well. Does she tend to wear a lot of gold or silver jewelry? If it’s silver, you may want to purchase a white gold ring for her. Use what you know about her, along with any hints she may have dropped, to choose the right ring.

And, if you are wondering how to figure out what size the ring should be, just swipe one of the rings from her jewelry box and trace it on a piece of paper to bring with you to the store!