Having a Winter Wedding

While the summer is peak wedding season, there are a whole bunch of reasons why having your wedding in the winter might not be such a bad idea.

wedding boquet and fur coat

Of course the weather is always a factor… but if you don’t have a lot of traveling relatives then why not? Thunderstorms are a risk for outdoor summer weddings anyway! Consider the discounts offered by many vendors in the winter time because business is slow. From a photographer’s standpoint, winter wedding photos can be really gorgeous! You could feature hot winter beverages like Irish coffee for the cocktail hour, or arrive in a romantic carriage. You will also have less “competition” with other brides in that during the summer, some people have a wedding to attend just about every weekend, while in the winter you might be the only wedding they attend at all! You can work in fun themes like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. There is a lot of opportunity for setting your wedding day apart by choosing to host a winter wedding.

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