Hiring a Travel Agent for Honeymoon Planning is Worth the Money!

Travel agents are key if you want to be sure that your honeymoon plans go smoothly. Not only do they have the ability to schedule your itinerary in a way that will keep you and your new spouse relaxed and entertained, they also have access to great travel discounts and insight about excursions that are not well known but could very well make the whole honeymoon!

couple sitting in chairs on the beach

I recently booked a vacation to New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville with Empress Travel & Cruises. I haven’t even left for the trip yet and I am already thrilled with their service because I found out about a sporting event that was taking place in New Orleans the same week that I was going to stay there and I called them in a panic, but they calmly helped me to rearrange the vacation so I could avoid several thousand football fans and enjoy the city the way it usually is. I also booked a trip to Scotland with them a few years ago and felt incredibly safe traveling to Europe by myself for the first time because they helped me to find a tour company that was geared toward people my age traveling alone.

Now imagine if I had to try to make changes like booking new flights and changing hotel rooms in the middle of planning a wedding and all of the other things that happen this time of year! A travel agent absolutely takes away all that extra stress.Their prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend starting with Empress if you are considering booking your honeymoon with a travel agent!

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