Where Will You Sit?

The bride and groom traditionally have two options for seating at their reception; either at a sweetheart’s table (where they are isolated on a newlywed island and people often feel weird approaching them) or at a head table (where the entire wedding party looks as if they are in an important board room conference).

groom and bride table at wedding reception

I am happy to say that today I am coordinating a wedding where the bride and groom thought outside the box. In creating their seating chart, they decided to plop themselves right down in the thick of it… they will be sitting with their parents and siblings, just as they would for Sunday dinner or someone else’s wedding! In order to mark their territory, the bride created adorable chalk board signs saying “bride” and “groom” that will hang on the back of their chairs. This is a great way for them to stand out as the couple of honor without making them feel separated from all the guests!

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