Wedding Season 2015: What’s Hot & What’s Not

Keeping up with wedding trends could be a full time job! Whether you’re just getting started planning or you’re nailing down the details, we have you covered on what’s hot for 2015 and what’s not. Check it out!

bride and groom in front of the ocean

  • Picked from the garden bouquets are currently trending. Gone are the days of sending structured bouquets down the aisle!
  • Au naturale brides are back! Forget a face full of makeup, think of a more polished version of your everyday look.
  • Be bold. Jewel tones for bridesmaid dresses, décor, etc., will take over dainty pastels that have been used frequently in weddings.
  • Skip the formality of a seated dinner. Strolling food stations are in!


  • Keep it simple! Patterned cakes, while they have been wildly popular for some time now, are on the way out.
  • While bohemian chic is still ruling the runways, the boho wedding trend is fading fast.
  • The superstar of late night reception eats, the food truck, has been replaced by the dessert cart.
  • Everyone loves a good photo booth. However, the overdone backdrops and overload of props are now out.

We hope this helps! Need help planning your big day? Check out our list of incredible wedding planners.

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