Wedding Invitation Wording

If you are getting married this fall, you are probably about to send out your wedding invitations. Picking out the invitation design is of course the fun part… it’s deciding what the wording should be that is quite tricky.

woman getting mail out of mailbox is a website with ideas and samples for different ways to word your invitation, so I highly recommend this site for anyone who is having trouble getting started with traditional invitation wording.

I also encourage you to think outside the box! Your invitation does not have to be formal and it does not have to be what everyone else does. It SHOULD however, go along with the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding day. If you are having a relaxing beach wedding, consider something whimsical and relaxing with cool, soothing colors. If you are having a backyard BBQ, don’t worry about using fancy script… instead try to pick a font and color scheme that is more fun and informal.

Remember, your wedding invitation or save-the-date card will be the first clue that your guests will receive about what to expect at your wedding. You want guests to feel like they are comfortable and prepared for whatever format you are going to be doing for the day. So be sure to clue guests in on how to dress as well!

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