Staying Organized to Eliminate Wedding Stress

Had a great meeting with a bride this weekend… it got me into wedding mode! I’m sure lots of you out there are in wedding mode as well. As you get closer to your wedding day, you will likely start to feel all those butterflies and worry about things going perfectly. All those little details can be overwhelming… but there are lots of things you can do to ease that stress!

black and pink binders with to do list on the spine

  1. Draw pictures! It always helps me to sketch out reception floor plans, seating arrangements, and even flower positioning. If you are a visual person this is a great technique!
  2. Make lists! Just like when you go grocery shopping, you don’t want to forget any little detail that might be really important.
  3. Create schedules! Start with a bigger time frame, say the whole month before the wedding… then create one for wedding week and of course the day of the wedding. Walking through the day hour by hour will help you to remember details that may have otherwise been overlooked.
  4. Hire a coordinator! Even if you can’t afford a full planner for your whole wedding, there are individuals out there (like myself) who can help you get organized and just tie everything together a few weeks before the wedding. At a certain point you need to relax and be the bride/groom and hand over all those beautiful plans to a professional who can execute the whole thing according to your dreams.

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