Top 4 Most Popular Proposal Dates (AKA Rock Season!)

Wondering when he’ll propose? The most popular dates for proposals all seem to fall within a few months time frame each year. Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day are when many guys decide to pop the question. And with that question comes a sparkling diamond ring, so this stretch of time is known as “Rock Season.”

man holding ring box

Merry Christmas!

December 25 – They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year… and what could be more wonderful than getting the diamond ring you’ve been dreaming of? Around the holidays, families gather and gifts are given. There is warmth and happiness in every home. That’s why many guys get down on one knee beneath the mistletoe! Christmas is one of the most popular proposal dates during “Rock Season,” so if you spot a small box beneath the tree, go ahead and get your hopes up!

Happy New Year!

January 1 – The start of a new year inspires new beginnings, goals and commitments. Perhaps the biggest commitment you can make on the New Years holiday is a marriage engagement! Somewhere between the countdown, the champagne, the ball dropping and the New Years kiss, there may be a glittering diamond ring stealing the show this New Years Eve. Now that’s a cause for celebration!

Be My Valentine!

February 14 – What could be more romantic? The Valentine’s Day holiday is made just for lovers, and every year, there are roses, chocolate and candy exchanged on this special day. But what makes this date especially exciting is the possibility for a diamond engagement ring! If you’re due for a rock this February, don’t be surprised if he asks you to “Be Mine” on Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind, some guys get creative with their proposal, hiding the ring on your dinner plate or in your glass, so be careful not to swallow it!

Happy Anniversary!

PS – If you don’t get a ring during rock season, he might be holding out for your anniversary — another popular proposal date for couples. This special day already has sentimental value and holds even more intimate, personal significance than rock season because it’s specific to the two of you as a couple. So when rock season has come and gone and your ring finger is still naked, hold out for your next anniversary to see what happens!

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