Here Comes the Bride… and the Groom?

Lately I have been thinking about the traditional wedding processional, which includes the bride escorted down the aisle by her father who “gives her away”. I got to thinking that maybe that’s not the only way to do it, especially since nowadays brides are being given away by their mothers and all sorts of other

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Card Box Ideas?

I just saw this article about things to do with your wedding card box when the wedding is over… video game controllers works if you are a gamer, but I am sure there are dozens of other cool ideas. What unique use did you find for your card box?


Weddings on a Budget

Here’s a great article for couples on a tight budget! How I Did It: Held a 100-Person Wedding for Under $4,000


Take Good Care of Yourself Before the Wedding

With good time management, you will be able to fit in all the necessary steps to get yourself feeling relaxed and beautiful before your wedding day. Don’t forget to work in these tasks to keep the stress level low: The month before the wedding, get a hair cut and make an appointment to practice your

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Tea Staining Wedding Items

Here’s an age-old trick for giving wedding related fabrics and other items a vintage or antique look… tea staining is relatively easy if you have time, patience and a bunch of tea bags! Click here for the do-it-yourself instructions.


Paper Lantern Decor How-To

Offbeat Bride featured a great article about how to create wedding decor with cheap paper lanterns by jazzing them up with arts and crafts… check it out!


Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married the Bohemian Way

It doesn’t get much more bohemian than tricking your guests into attending your wedding by telling them they are going to a graduation party! Read more about the Facebook mogul’s very private wedding day on Offbeat Bride…


Roll Out the Red Carpet

Talk about a grand entrance! Alive Entertainment, a locally owned and operated business, is now offering their red (and other colors!) carpet services to Capital Region couples. If you are looking to jazz up your wedding reception with a Brangelina vibe that is funky and fresh, I suggest contacting them for a consultation. They even

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DIY Boutonniere Idea

When I am looking for fantastic ideas I usually start with Martha Stewart… I know, she’s been around for awhile but her approach to DIY is so well rounded that I feel like she truly is the guru of all things “good”. She has 58 amazing boutonniere ideas to start with on her website which

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I recently subscribed to this Kanelstrand blog and I am really loving the eco-friendly wedding ideas that keep popping up. (Mind you, not all the entries are wedding related, but many of them have some great ideas that could certainly be applied by eco-conscious couples.) One of the blog posts from this week is about

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