Honeymoon Travel Tip… Just in case!


How much confidence do you have in your honeymoon airline of


A friend of mine recently returned from her honeymoon and
recounted the story of her trip; including lost luggage on both the flight to
the destination AND the flight home!

Luckily someone had recommended to her that she bring a
change of clothes (including a bathing suit!) with her in her carry-on which
stayed with her on the plane. She was able to enjoy a swim in the ocean while
the airline worked on tracking down the rest of her belongings a few days later
(which were on their way to the Dominican Republic, by the way).

The hassle which ensued with the airlines was horribly
unpleasant, which just goes to show that you need to be prepared for the worst,
because honeymoon or not, you are still at the mercy of a whole host of travel
speed bumps that may occur!

P.S. While we are sure that the luggage visited the
Dominican Republic by mistake on the first flight, it is still a mystery where
the luggage went when it should have gone home with them on the trip home. (When
it was returned, there were a few random casino chips in one suitcase, and the
larger suitcase appeared to be missing a tooth.)

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