The Honeymoon Registry & Other Alternative Wedding Registries

Lots of couples embark on their marriage without having lived together first, or perhaps after living in a small apartment together. In many cases, the couple may need need what we’ve come to think of as a typical wedding registry, focused on housewares… appliances, china, linens, etc.

couple sitting in chairs on the beach

But what if you and your significant other have already compiled pretty much everything you need to get started on making a home together? Perhaps you both lived independently for quite sometime and are bringing two well-stocked households together. Or you’ve lived together for a little while, and have acquired things through the years.

In these cases, unless you just can’t live without a new china pattern or another gravy boat, you might want to consider registering for your honeymoon instead. Yep, you heard that right. There’s a honeymoon registry where wedding guests can help you fund the honeymoon of your dreams, that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

There are great websites out there to help you register for excursions, massages, hotel room enhancements and all sorts of extras to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable. One is Honeyfund, which started when a couple couldn’t afford their dream of honeymooning in Fiji.

There are other alternative wedding registries as well, that provide options for charity donations in lieu of gifts, or even cash-only registries when you truly need help with the wedding budget. So, forget the stemware, china and silver, and offer your guests a wedding registry that truly reflects your own personal needs.


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