Get Married On The CHEAP!

Tips For Planning An Affordable Wedding In Saratoga

Let’s face it, not all of us have $20,000 to drop on one day of wedding extravagance, even if it is the most important day ever. Many couples are paying for their wedding with little or no family assistance and could use a few pointers for planning an affordable wedding in Saratoga that is still nice. Below you will find great tips for wedding planning on the cheap. It’s easier than you might think if you keep these things in mind…


Start Trimming That Guest List!

One of the key ingredients to an affordable wedding is keeping your guest list as small as possible. For a budget wedding, try to limit it to 50 – 100 guests. Of course you want everyone to share in your special day, but each head comes with an extra expense… and those second cousins you were thinking of inviting will want to bring their guests! A nice (and more affordable) gesture would be to send wedding announcements to those you wish you could have invited.

Do Without!

Simple sacrifices here and there can make all the difference in your overall budget. Need a few suggestions? Forget the open bar option. Plan the ceremony and reception at the same location, and skip the limo! To cut down on the cost of jewelry, wear diamond or pearl look-alikes instead of the real thing. And do you really need that $70 cake serving set with your names engraved? Find out what matters most to you on your wedding day… and what you could do without.

Do It Yourself!

From assembling invitations and creating bouquets to decorating your own unity candle, be prepared to take on some additional responsibility to save big bucks on your big day. It’s also a great time to take advantage of loved ones’ talents as well. Remember that beautiful birthday cake Aunt Patty designed? She might be just the person to design your wedding cake. And perhaps your grandmother’s wedding gift to you could be making your wedding dress! Don’t be afraid to ask for favors to help keep costs down.

Timing Is Everything!

The wedding industry booms during the warmer months, so the “slow season” comes with discounted prices each winter. Negotiate a better deal with your wedding vendors by booking a winter wedding reception. Also, don’t plan for Saturday. Friday and Sunday weddings are much less popular, and therefore much less expensive. You could even plan a late morning wedding and serve an affordable brunch or light hors d’oeuvres rather than dinner. When it comes to affordable wedding planning, the right timing can save you a bundle!

Know Your Limits!

Trying to do things yourself or skimp on wedding services can actually cost more in the long run if things go awry and you have to book something at the last minute. Be realistic about when you can cut costs and when it is worth hiring a professional. Browse to find caterersphotographersreception venuesfloristsDJ’s and other wedding professionals you can trust.

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