Planning Your First Dance as a Couple

It seems as though every week a new first dance video goes viral. While you’re in the process of planning your big day, you may be wondering what type of first dance you should take on with your new spouse. Should you go the classic route or aim for one million views on YouTube?

bride and groom dancing

Go All Out

If you’re aiming to go viral and impress your guests with a standout performance, round up your spouse and your wedding party to participate. Keep in mind that choreographing a dance on your own can be quite the challenge! Usually, the bigger the group, the more time and effort it will take. It may make life easier to employ the help of a professional choreographer.

Have Two Left Feet?

If you’re planning on your first dance to feature just the two of you but need some help with your dance moves… hire a choreographer to practice with you or brush up with some professional dancing lessons! The best part of learning a dance together? You can always use it at other formal events and weddings!

Good To Go

If you are both confident dancers, just go for it! Once you pick a song, have a few rehearsals on your own before the big day. Having a hard time picking a song to dance to? First things first, pick a song that means something to both of you. It could be a song you heard on your first date or a tune with lyrics that perfectly sum up your relationship. Another factor to consider when choosing a song, is if the beat is easy to dance to.

Factors to Consider

Still unsure of what kind of first dance you’d like to have? Let your dress decide! If you’ve already chosen a dress, take into consideration how much you’ll be able to move in it. A Cinderella-style ball gown may not be the best outfit choice to perform a high energy number with your wedding party.

Also, keep your guests in mind. Will there be younger children and older generations in the audience? Remember to keep your first dance appropriate so that it can be enjoyed by all! Grandma may not be thrilled by watching the wedding party perform to “Baby Got Back.”


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