Wedding Favors for a Cause

Many couples opt to give a donation to a particular charity rather than giving guests a favor. If you are struggling with what to do as a favor, surf the Internet and find a charity that means something to the both of you.

table at wedding reception

Perhaps there is a family member that has passed away of a certain illness and you could make the donation to a related charity in his or her memory. Or maybe you and your significant other have a soft spot for animals and you want to support a local shelter or animal rescue group. There are millions of charities to choose from on both the local and the national scale. The donation can be virtually any amount; no doubt charities are happy to accept any gift you are able to give. Then get creative and make little scrolls tied with pretty ribbons that explain that you have made a donation in lieu of favors for your wedding day. It is a truly beautiful way for your guests to remember your wedding.

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