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paper lanterns in front of a brick wall

Paper Lantern Decor How-To

Offbeat Bride featured a great article about how to create wedding decor with cheap paper lanterns by jazzing them up with arts and crafts… check it out!

red carpet at a wedding

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Talk about a grand entrance! Alive Entertainment, a locally owned and operated business, is now offering their red (and other colors!) carpet services to Capital Region couples. If you are looking to jazz up your wedding reception with a Brangelina vibe that is funky and fresh, I suggest contacting them for a consultation. They even

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Chic Halloween Weddings

Halloween weddings can be very memorable for guests… certainly your anniversary will be easy for them to remember! While some make opt to take the blood-and-guts approach with a Halloween wedding, there is evidence out there in cyber space that Halloween weddings can be playful and fun, yet elegant and chic. Happy Haunting!

wedding cake topper with bride and groom

Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers!

I had to share Kikuike’s profile on Etsy… it is a group of Japanese artists who create the most adorable wedding cake toppers that I have ever seen! A wedding cake topper is one of those details that lots of couples overlook or leave out altogether, but I happen to think they are one of

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groom and bride table at wedding reception

Where Will You Sit?

The bride and groom traditionally have two options for seating at their reception; either at a sweetheart’s table (where they are isolated on a newlywed island and people often feel weird approaching them) or at a head table (where the entire wedding party looks as if they are in an important board room conference). I

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wedding table with white and green linens

Do-It-Yourself Linens

One of my recent brides used Cloth Connection ( to order table linens for her wedding, which was a do-it-yourself wedding. She chose a navy color for some of the tables and a navy and white striped color for others so that the entire tent of tables had a GORGEOUS nautical theme, complete with jars

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three jars of candy

How to Put Together a Candy Buffet

I recently planned a bridal shower and decided to put together a “candy buffet” as the favor for the guests. I had seen the idea on the Internet and it is a pretty visually awesome display…usually found at weddings on a larger scale, but it certainly worked for the shower as well. From the research

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man playing guitar

Hire a Live Band For Your Wedding

Yes, DJ’s are a lot of fun and they have mastered the art of balancing songs like the Chicken Dance and the Macarena with the modern hits, but let us not forget the draw of a live band. I’m not even talking about a wedding band or a cover band, I’m talking about an up

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video camera on a tripod

Saving Money with Videographers

Not all couples decide to hire a videographer to document their wedding day, while others believe it is an absolute necessity. A DVD copy of your wedding could come in handy for out-of-town relatives, or for reliving the memories once a year on your anniversary. There are certainly some extremely talented videographers in our area

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chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

Nontraditional Dessert

Traditional wedding cakes work for some couples, but here’s an idea: get creative with dessert! There is no book of wedding rules that says “Let them eat cake.” How about changing things up a bit? Here are a few yummy ideas that might be a better fit for your wedding dinner finale: Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

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