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wedding table with white and green linens

8 Steps to a Successful Low-Budget DIY Wedding

It’s almost every bride’s dilemma: You need to keep costs for the wedding down, but you also want your guests to have a fabulous time. Achieve the low cost wedding of your dreams by following a few simple steps to rein your budget in – and have some fun with do-it-yourself craft projects while you’re

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bride and groom dancing

Planning Your First Dance as a Couple

It seems as though every week a new first dance video goes viral. While you’re in the process of planning your big day, you may be wondering what type of first dance you should take on with your new spouse. Should you go the classic route or aim for one million views on YouTube? Go All

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sheet music

Popular Wedding Songs For Your Saratoga Wedding

Choosing the perfect wedding music can take time, depending on the tastes of you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Here is a list of some of the most popular choices for wedding songs, from the processional music… to the bride and groom’s first dance… to the father-daughter dance and more. Find the wedding songs that suit your taste,

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man playing guitar

Hire a Live Band For Your Wedding

Yes, DJ’s are a lot of fun and they have mastered the art of balancing songs like the Chicken Dance and the Macarena with the modern hits, but let us not forget the draw of a live band. I’m not even talking about a wedding band or a cover band, I’m talking about an up

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