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8 Steps to a Successful Low-Budget DIY Wedding

It’s almost every bride’s dilemma: You need to keep costs for the wedding down, but you also want your guests to have a fabulous time. Achieve the low cost wedding of your dreams by following a few simple steps to rein your budget in – and have some fun with do-it-yourself craft projects while you’re

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Personalize Your Stationery

With all of the stationery involved in a wedding; engagement announcements, save-the-dates, invitations and thank you notes, consider making your wedding paper goods stand out by personalizing! Check out Expressionery for some great ideas.

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Plantable Wedding Paper?

Here is a fun way to make your wedding invitations or ‘thank you’ cards stand out… Send your guests paper goods that can be planted for an eco-friendly, long lasting reminder of your special day. The company Botanical PaperWorks ( offers paper products that double as both a place to print information for guests and

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Wedding Invitation Wording

If you are getting married this fall, you are probably about to send out your wedding invitations. Picking out the invitation design is of course the fun part… it’s deciding what the wording should be that is quite tricky. is a website with ideas and samples for different ways to word your invitation, so

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Think Before You Stamp!

Before popping a 44 cents postage stamp on each and every one of your wedding invitations, be sure to take a completely assembled invitation to the Post Office! First class stamps (44 cents) only work for pieces of mail that are less than 3.5 ounces and are rectangular. Lots of invitations are square these days…

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How to Hand Write Your Invitations Using Calligraphy

It’s not that difficult to make your wedding invitations look like they were done by a master calligrapher… especially if you have the right calligraphy pen and you practice first! Here are some tips: Hand Writing Wedding Invitations

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Favorite Love & Marriage Quotes for Weddings

Below is a list of our favorite love quotes used in weddings over the years. Feel free to use these in your wedding invitations, favors, programs, and wedding toasts! “Ideally, couples need three lives; one for him, one for her, and one for them together.” — Jacqueline Bisset “If you live to be 100, I

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