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Popular Wedding Flowers & When They’re in Season

Planning your wedding is hard enough without having to worry about what flowers will be available on your special day. To make floral selection easier, we put together a guide detailing when the most popular flowers are in season. Choosing in-season flowers can keep you from breaking the bank, and can enable you to create the bouquets, boutonnieres,

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Wedding bouquet of pink and white roses

Popular Wedding Flowers For Each Season

Saratoga brides can save money by choosing wedding flowers that are in season. Depending on the time of year your wedding is, there are an array of popular flower options to choose from for each season. You may also want to find a Saratoga wedding florist to discuss popular arrangements and attractive combinations for wedding flowers in season.

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How To Pick Your Wedding Colors

Shades of…Gray? Blue? Gold? Choosing Your Wedding Colors Choosing wedding colors is one of the first and most important decisions a couple has to make. The colors define theme, mood, decor, flowers, and many other considerations that follow in planning a wedding. With only seven colors in the rainbow, but infinite variations of shades and combinations, couples

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Creating a Unique Centerpiece at your Saratoga Wedding Reception

Composing Creative Centerpieces Who knew there was so much involved in planning a wedding? And now you’re trying to figure out what to put as centerpieces on your guests’ tables. Below are some imaginative and affordable ways to decorate the dining tables! Nature Mankind has been looking at nature for inspiration since their inception, so why not

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Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers!

I had to share Kikuike’s profile on Etsy… it is a group of Japanese artists who create the most adorable wedding cake toppers that I have ever seen! A wedding cake topper is one of those details that lots of couples overlook or leave out altogether, but I happen to think they are one of

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The Love Language of Flowers

Image via Wikipedia Traditionally, orange blossoms (symbolizing purity) were the flowers used for the bridal bouquet. Nowadays brides are sporting hundreds of varieties of flowers as they march down the aisle. Here is a flower symbolism guide to help get you going! Heather = Luck Daisy = Innocence Honeysuckle = Generosity Apple Blossom = Good

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I Heart October Weddings!

I had the pleasure of coordinating a wedding last weekend (see my previous entry about creating a wedding website for more info on the couple) and it was a huge success! The weather cooperated and it was a perfect October day! I’m interested to know if any couples in the area are getting hitched this

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