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reception area in the museum with set tables

5 Quirky Wedding Venues In & Near Saratoga Springs

Gone are the days when weddings were a one-size-fits-all affair, with the ceremony taking place in a church and the reception at a hotel or restaurant afterward. Today, it’s much more commonplace for weddings to be really personalized and tailored to the bride and groom, reflecting the uniqueness of the couple. If you’re planning for your

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Why You Should Plan a Destination Wedding in Saratoga

It shouldn’t take much convincing to plan a wedding in Saratoga. From the rich history to the beautiful scenery, it makes for the perfect place for a wedding and a honeymoon throughout the year! Whether you’re planning a small, intimate celebration or looking for a charming place to elope, check out Saratoga during every season:  

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bride and groom holding hands on a pier

Here Comes the Bride… and the Groom?

Lately I have been thinking about the traditional wedding processional, which includes the bride escorted down the aisle by her father who “gives her away”. I got to thinking that maybe that’s not the only way to do it, especially since nowadays brides are being given away by their mothers and all sorts of other

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bride with pink bouquet

Creative Wedding Programs

Lately I have seen many couples trying out new ways to create a wedding program for the guests at their ceremony. I have seen programs in the form of a Broadway show playbill, fans, booklets, and even hanging in a little pouch on each chair. What unique programs have you seen at weddings?


Chic Halloween Weddings

Halloween weddings can be very memorable for guests… certainly your anniversary will be easy for them to remember! While some make opt to take the blood-and-guts approach with a Halloween wedding, there is evidence out there in cyber space that Halloween weddings can be playful and fun, yet elegant and chic. Happy Haunting!

orange blossoms on a tree

The Love Language of Flowers

Traditionally, orange blossoms (symbolizing purity) were the flowers used for the bridal bouquet. Nowadays brides are sporting hundreds of varieties of flowers as they march down the aisle. Here is a flower symbolism guide to help get you going! Heather = Luck Daisy = Innocence Honeysuckle = Generosity Apple Blossom = Good Fortune Iris =

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I’ll Have What She’s Having…

Are you getting stuck every time you sit down to dream up your wedding day? Take a look at Offbeat Bride! I get daily updates sent to my email with stories and pictures from some of the most creative couples in the world!

red roses

Rose Ceremonies

I recently worked with a bride and groom who decided to incorporate a Rose Ceremony into their wedding. The officiant called upon the bride and groom to give single long-stem roses to each of their mothers as a symbol of their eternal love and gratitude to their parents; the people who taught them about love

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couple exchanging wedding vows

Writing Your Own Vows

I’m wondering how everyone feels about couples writing their own vows….. looking for some ideas for a couple that wants to exchange vows in a unique way.  Any thoughts?

wedding boquet and fur coat

Having a Winter Wedding

While the summer is peak wedding season, there are a whole bunch of reasons why having your wedding in the winter might not be such a bad idea. Of course the weather is always a factor… but if you don’t have a lot of traveling relatives then why not? Thunderstorms are a risk for outdoor

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