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bride putting on her veil

Save Money By Doing Your Own Hair

I have a hard time with the idea of a hairstyle that will last exactly 10 hours costing an amount large enough to take up a whole line in your wedding budget. Have you thought about doing your own hair, or finding a friend who is pretty good at following directions and asking them to

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wedding dress on a hanger

Wedding Dress Conversions: Repurpose That Dress!

The magic that you feel when you are wearing your wedding dress doesn’t have to end after the wedding is over… You can repurpose your dress for use in a future special occasion. There are multiple tips on Pinterest and elsewhere showing wedding dress conversions into beautiful heirloom christening gowns. You can also transform your

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bride with bouquet

I’ll Have What She’s Having…

Are you getting stuck every time you sit down to dream up your wedding day? Take a look at Offbeat Bride! I get daily updates sent to my email with stories and pictures from some of the most creative couples in the world!

stuffed bears dressed like a bride and a groom

Themed Weddings

Picking a theme is a great starting place for brides and grooms that really want their wedding to stand out. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable for the guests, but lots of couples just pick colors to work with. Of course picking a color scheme is essential, but why stop there? Adding a theme

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bride and groom kissing

And it begins…Bridal show season is here!

For those of you who got engaged over the holidays…. congratulations! This is a big time of year for engagements to take place and now the bridal bonanza begins. Many of you have already set dates and are now ready to begin planning the logistical details of your big day. One of the best ways

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