How to Put Together a Candy Buffet

I recently planned a bridal shower and decided to put together a “candy buffet” as the favor for the guests. I had seen the idea on the Internet and it is a pretty visually awesome display…usually found at weddings on a larger scale, but it certainly worked for the shower as well.

three jars of candy

From the research I did for the shower, I found that have roughly 10 different types of candy was sufficient. It’s really important that you stick with your color scheme and also try to have a variety of different candy (for example, not all chocolate). You should also take into consideration any guests at your wedding that might not be able to eat sugar and there are plenty of sugar-free candies that you could incorporate (be sure to create miniature signs describing each kind of candy, or at least make the sugar-free candy stand out).

When trying to figure out how much candy to purchase, I went for the visual appeal more than actually calculating how much per person. It really is a decoration as well, which automatically means you will need to have way more than guests will probably eat. Think Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…. it’s all about the visual!

So instead of calculating per person, I started by purchasing the containers. I found trays, buffet serving sets and I used a trifle dish which I already had at home to create a jelly bean trifle. Make sure you add some height and have interesting looking containers and that will truly make it look incredible.

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