Take Good Care of Yourself Before the Wedding

With good time management, you will be able to fit in all the necessary steps to get yourself feeling relaxed and beautiful before your wedding day. Don’t forget to work in these tasks to keep the stress level low:

woman getting a facial

The month before the wedding, get a hair cut and make an appointment to practice your wedding day hair style. You may also want a facial to give you a healthy glow!

To save money, go to a department store for a makeup demo and purchase any products that you might like/need to DIY for the wedding day.

If you are going away on your honeymoon to a sunny location, be sure to get a base tan so as not to burn early on in the vacation, causing you pain or discomfort for the rest of the time!

The week before the wedding, definitely make time for a massage and a pedicure or manicure. Go to bed EARLY the night before your wedding. Trust me… this is key.

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