Wedding Photography Tips: How To Beat Wedding Photo Anxiety

Let’s face it, getting pictures taken on your wedding day can be really stressful. After all, these photos will serve as physical reminders of one of the most important days of your life – it only makes sense that you want them to be perfect!

Follow these simple tips to have a stress-free shoot. You’re bound to love the photos more if you look relaxed and natural!

bride and photographer

1. Do Your Research

You want to book a wedding photographer who you’re comfortable with, so it’s important that you spend time finding the right one for you. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, set up in-person interviews, and don’t be afraid of asking too many questions.

2. Try An Engagement Shoot

Doing an engagement photo shoot at a local venue with the photographer of your choice will give you a good preview of how things will be at your wedding. During your engagement shoot, you can see how the photographer will direct you, what his or her style is, how the actual photos turn out, and how you react to being photographed. If you’re unhappy with the way things go at this shoot, don’t be afraid to move on to a different photographer!

3. Pre-Plan Your Photos

Make sure you sit down with your photographer before the wedding and go over exactly what pictures you want them to snap. This could include particular groupings you want, certain moments that should be captured, or even guests that should be avoided. You’d hate to look back on your big day and say “I wish we had a picture of …”

4. Get A Mix Of Candid & Posed Photos

If you’re stressed or anxious during photos, odds are it will show most during those that are posed and require you to stand still and smile for an extended period of time. Make sure your photographer is also planning on capturing some candid moments. You’re likely to look more relaxed and natural when you aren’t aware that you’re being photographed!

5. Be Flexible

Weddings are like life, there are always things you have no control over. For example, you may have your heart set on taking pictures outside, when along comes the rain to put a damper on things. Try your best to be flexible and not get stressed out about things you can’t change. Use these challenges as opportunities to be creative – grab some umbrellas and take cute pictures in the rain!

6. Enjoy Yourself

Your actual memories of the day are more important than the photographs. Take deep breaths and celebrate the special occasion with your partner – your natural love for one another will light up every shot!

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