5 Best Bets for Saratoga Bachelorettes

There’s more to wedding planning than the ceremony — it’s the maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids’  jobs to make sure that special bride in their lives has the best bachelorette party she can imagine! Before you start feeling the pressure, here is a quick list with some hot ideas to get the sparks flying on your plans.

four women on the beach

1. Paint the town!

A popular concept for a bachelorette party is to choose a restaurant, hotel suite, or other venue to host the party, and to celebrate there all night. But sometimes it gets hard to decide just where to go and what to do…so why pick only one? Saratoga Springs has too much to offer to limit yourself. Start with appetizers in a lounge, then dinner at a restaurant, cool down at a nice cafe with dessert, and then end the night with a bang at a club with drinks and dancing ’til the sun comes up! Customize your own experience, and make it a unique night for all involved!

2. Relax…

Planning a wedding is exhausting – and so is planning a hen, bachelorette, or stagette party. Why not take the time to soothe those nerves, and take the girlfriends out for some incredible relaxation? Find a Saratoga area spa that will pamper you with warm baths, relieving massages, and beautifying facials and manicures. Pass up the exhaustion from partying all night and go home from your party feeling rejuvenated and ready for anything – even wrestling with that bridesmaid dress!

3. Seize the Daytime!

If you still want fun AND a night of rest, plan an outing during the day. If the weather is nice, plan a picnic or visit some of your favorite places to hang. Rainy day? Take the girls out anyway, and do something you enjoy. Is it shopping? Eating out? Going to listen to music? Saratoga is full of great destinations and lively events to please everyone. Any way you choose, you’ve got a whole day free to hang out with your friends, and you’ll get a night of beauty sleep on top of it all.

4. Home is Where the Heart Is

If you’re working on a smaller budget, or can’t decide on a good venue, try hosting from home – some balloons and snazzy decorations can transform a backyard or basement into party central. You can play your choice of music, spill wine on the floor, and don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you – you’ll be in control of everything. Have all your girlfriends cook, or if you feel overloaded, hire a caterer to make the day feel like a special eat-out treat, from the comfort of home.

5. Go for a Ride

When’s the last time you were in a stretch limo? I bet the bride can’t remember either. Rent one for a few hours with enough room for all your friends, and enjoy an intimate evening of ultimate cool, chilling in the backseat of a stretch with a small fridge, or popping out of the sunroof to feel the wind in your hair. You can go to a single destination, engage in a classic bar hop, or just mosey around – either way, adding a limo is sure to make it a celebration.

Start with an idea, get with your girls, and you’ll find an unparalleled bachelorette bash will spring up from little seeds of inspiration. Be sure to look around ASaratogaWedding.com for more tips, ideas, and little secrets about planning a wedding and beyond!

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